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Our Scrap My Car Richmond service offers the best prices for scrap cars in Richmond. Whatever your vehicle or its condition, we can help. Submit your details below for a free quote.

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Scrap a Car Richmond for the Best Price

At DL Vehicle Recycling, we're committed to providing the best prices for scrap cars Richmond. Our Scrap My Car Richmond service is designed to be simple, easy and seamless for the customer, so they can recycle their car quickly and get the right price. Our fast, free quotation service allows customers to receive a quote for their scrap vehicle. All you have to do is submit your details through one of our quotation forms and you'll have your price offer in no time.

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Convenient Scrap Car Service

We've always wanted our Scrap My Car Richmond service to be as simple and easy as possible, so that's what we offer. It all starts with your quote. You submit your details and within no time, we'll send you a free, no obligation quote, informing you have much we can offer you. If you're happy with the price we've offered, we'll arrange a collection time to suit you. We're highly flexible so arranging a time is easy. You can choose to be paid by either cash or bank transfer, and we'll handle all necessary paperwork. If you have a scrap car in Richmond that you want to sell, get a free quote today.

Grey scrap car being collected in Richmond

Vehicles We Accept

We've recycled a wide range of vehicles throughout Richmond, all in a variety of conditions. We're happy to consider any vehicle, so if you have a scrap car you're looking to sell, please get in touch.

Light grey car on the road


White van for scrap recycling


Small grey car that failed its MOT

MOT Failures

Large, blue multi-person vehicle for scrap

Non Runners

Lost black vehicle keys

Lost Keys

Black vehicle with extensive rear damage

Write Offs

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Scrap Cars

Vehicle ownership paperwork

No Paperwork

Old taxi that is ready to be scrapped

Much More

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Light grey scrap car being collected in Richmond

The Best Scrap My Car Richmond Service

From the beginning, we've been determined to offer the best Scrap My Car Richmond service. We value our customers and their experiences and are passionate about providing a consistent and reliable service that works for local people. We do this by offering fair and highly competitive prices for all vehicles, that go above and beyond the expectations of many of our customers. We also do everything we can to make the experience pleasant and convenient. Our team is very friendly, helpful and approachable and are always happy to answer any questions you have. We work around our customers' schedules, being communicative, punctual and efficient. We know that our customers with scrap cars in Richmond often want to recycle their vehicles quickly, and we help to accommodate this requirement with our fast and professional service. If you're looking to scrap your car in Richmond, please submit your details through our quotation service and we'll get back to you soon.

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If you have any questions about our service our would like a quote for your vehicle, please fill out our form below or call us on 07927 072539. We'd be happy to help.

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